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Co-founder and Laboratory Director Kaila Hanover Standing in Front of Blood Testing machine

Company Overview

Phoenix Diagnostic Labs is a CLIA-certified clinical toxicology laboratory specializing in drug and alcohol testing and collection services for addiction treatment providers, hospitals, and drug courts. We provide customized, proactive, and innovative solutions that fit the needs of our healthcare partners and compassionate, supportive services for our patients. We understand the needs and challenges of the people we work with from many years of personal and professional experience, and we aim to be a trusted, long-term partner in prevention, treatment, and recovery.

We are committed to delivering fast, reliable, and cost-effective testing and results backed by unmatched customer service. We guarantee same-day reporting of qualitative urine drug test screening results so that our clients and patients have the initial information needed to guide effective clinical decisions within their treatment programs, while any ordered quantitative confirmation tests will be performed as quickly as possible.

Yet Phoenix Diagnostic Labs was not only founded to be a leading toxicology lab and a collection site that providers and patients alike can rely on. Phoenix Diagnostic Labs emerged from our dream to serve an even greater purpose. We believe in the potential of every person to overcome the obstacles in their lives, to enter stable recovery, and to contribute immeasurable good to our society if they are offered ongoing support and needed resources.

In the words of S.A. Sachs, “Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams.” At a time when people and communities face daunting and unprecedented challenges on the road to recovery from addiction and other difficult circumstances, we dedicate ourselves to relentless action to save and improve lives. Phoenix Diagnostic Labs exists to help enable, inspire, and nurture hope by working with people trying to rise above their circumstances to realize dreams of healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Our Team

Dale Franklin

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Born and raised in Vermont and a resident of Duxbury, Dale Franklin has more than 30 years of experience building successful businesses and a lifetime of service to the communities he’s been a part of. After growing up a jack-of-all-trades in a hardworking farming family and years learning about business working for others, in 1984 Dale founded a Colchester-based business in the automotive service industry that is thriving to this day. His characteristic commitment to above-and-beyond service, fairness, and integrity has inspired sustained growth and exceptional customer and employee retention despite seismic shifts in the industry. Because of his leadership abilities, Dale has consistently stood out among his peers throughout his life and career and has been named to key management positions in local, regional, and national organizations where his work benefitted all of his peers. And Dale has helped several other Vermont businesses weather and emerge from financial difficulties, bringing them back to prosperity through timely advice, a keen sense of fiscal responsibility and plans for sensible, controlled growth that promotes a healthy mix of short-term success and long-term stability. The lessons learned from everything Dale has done and achieved will serve him and Phoenix Diagnostic Labs well in the years to come.

A loving husband, a father of two sons and two daughters, and a proud grandfather, Dale is perhaps best known for his larger-than-life personality, his sense of humor, and his honesty. Outside of his businesses, Dale loves to golf, travel the world, teach business seminars, garden, read, and “putter around” on his property doing some of his seemingly endless work. And above all, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Kaila Hanover

Co-Founder, Laboratory Director

If ever there was a person prepared by both life and professional training to open a clinical toxicology laboratory that will help change the treatment paradigm and help shape a more effective and holistic family and community approach to addiction and recovery, it is Kaila Hanover.

Born in Plattsburgh, New York and raised along with her sister by her grandparents in Peru, NY from the age of 7 on, Kaila lost her mom, an aunt, and an uncle to addiction. Kaila’s early life was marked by immeasurable tragedy as well as responsibilities and experiences no child should have to endure. Yet endure and thrive against all odds is what she did.

What is remarkable about Kaila is not just all that she had to overcome, but the fact that she is dedicated to using her own life experiences as motivation to help others. Kaila emerged from difficult circumstances to become a gifted athlete and an elite scholar and scientist. Kaila earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and a second master’s degree in molecular biology at UNC Chapel Hill, the latter of which she received while helping to raise her three children. From there Kaila earned coveted positions at several of the leading laboratories in the world where she specialized in toxicology and research and development related to infectious diseases. Then, after 10 years in North Carolina, Kaila’s love of outdoor adventure and the Vermont lifestyle brought her back to New England.

Beyond her work, what strikes anyone who knows Kaila is her exuberant personality and the positivity she brings to everything she does. With wit, humor, and abundant smiles, gratitude and perseverance, generosity and compassion, Kaila lights up the world around her and serves as a source of inspiration. With her commitment to help others, her loyalty and empathy, and her belief that people can and do recover to become the best versions of themselves, Kaila strives to bring out the best in others. In that spirit, Kaila hopes Phoenix Diagnostic Labs will become not only one of the top labs in the country in service to treatment providers and patients, but also an unmatched presence in the communities where they do business.

Daniel Franklin


Born and raised in Guilford, Vermont, Daniel Franklin has always felt the call to help others in need. From an early age Daniel exhibited an innate sense of compassion and empathy for others in their struggles, whether due to poverty, abuse, bullying, mental illness, addiction, or other circumstances. Then a series of losses and close calls among friends and family members due to addiction and other events brought the issues even closer to home and helped shape the course of his life in profound ways.

In high school, the desire to help others became a reality when Daniel started doing community outreach work with a number of service organizations in southern Vermont and western Massachusetts. A particularly formative experience was working for four years at a battered women’s shelter, where Daniel helped women and their children escaping domestic violence to rebuild their lives. This included helping women and their children in an unfamiliar place to get education, employment or other services they needed while also battling the lingering effects of trauma, substance abuse and other obstacles in their paths to a better future.

In the course of his work with many non-profits and foundations, Daniel learned that many of the different hardships people face cannot be seen in isolation, that in fact one or more challenges facing a person in their daily lives often go together and exacerbate one another. It was there that he learned that collaborative, versatile, and holistic solutions are required to address the complex problems people and our society as a whole face.

In founding Phoenix Diagnostic Labs, Daniel and his team seek to utilize their decades of business and service experience, unmatched drive to make a difference, big hearts and open minds to create not only a leading laboratory that helps significantly improve outcomes for people in treatment for addiction and their service providers, but also a company that helps to improve the lives of all people in the communities they serve by walking the walk alongside those in need.

Our Mission:

The mission of Phoenix Diagnostic Labs is to transform the traditional role of drug testing laboratories in prevention, treatment, and recovery processes by empowering individuals, families, and communities to affect positive and enduring change in the effort to combat addiction.

Our Vision and Values:

In an ideal world, no person, no families, and no communities would suffer from the disease of addiction and its accompanying affects and consequences. No person would ever lose their life or lose a loved one because of drugs or alcohol. And drug testing would not be necessary to break free from the shackles of addiction. Unfortunately, however, our society faces an unprecedented, overwhelming, and complex set of problems caused in part by addiction and substance abuse. Drug and alcohol testing is a valuable component of many treatment programs. Phoenix Diagnostic Labs endeavors to make testing and the collection of specimens the most humane, ethical, sustainable, and clinically helpful processes that they can be while inspiring and enabling patients, providers, families, and communities to work together to heal and solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Our Clients

Phoenix Diagnostic Labs serves addiction treatment providers, hospitals, drug courts, and individuals who need drug and alcohol testing performed and who need supervised or unsupervised collection of urine and oral fluid specimens. In conducting medically necessary and mandated drug and alcohol testing and in subsequent reporting of results, we commit ourselves to proactive communication with our healthcare partners to ensure that no one is waiting for results longer than necessary. We know that every test result and the decisions depending on them have real-world consequences for the people we serve. Phoenix Diagnostic Labs guarantees same-day qualitative Enzyme Immunoassay screening results for specimens collected or received in our lab in good standing. Ordered quantitative confirmation tests can then be performed by LC/GC-MS with a turnaround time of approximately 2-3 business days.

Our Patients

We recognize that collection and testing can sometimes represent not only a financial burden but an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience. Our goal is to act with respect and kindness toward every person with whom with interact. We treat every specimen we collect and test as representative of an important clinical decision and a milestone in treatment. In building Phoenix Diagnostic Labs, we took great care to create an environment that is as welcoming, friendly, comfortable, and convenient as possible. At the same time, we sought to create a space that is more than a drug testing lab and collection site. We intend to be another resource for people in need. Our staff understands addiction and we are empathetic to the difficulties people face when trying to improve their lives. Several of us have been affected by addiction through the struggles of others and the loss of friends and family. We are thus personally invested in supporting and celebrating the success of our partners in treatment and recovery.

Our Office

We offer fast, reliable, customizable cost-effective solutions for our clients while maintaining the highest level of integrity, compliance, and accountability in our billing practices and every aspect of our operations. We utilize state-of-the-art instruments and technology, including an easy-to-use, web-based portal for ordering tests and retrieving results. We offer set panels as well as full customization to suit the needs of patients and providers. And we aim to grow our business in a controlled, fiscally responsible manner while staying on the cutting edge in our field and always looking for ways to expand and improve what we offer our healthcare partners and patients.

A Holistic Approach to Service and Giving Back

We believe that successful prevention, treatment, and recovery require taking our approach that addresses not only addiction and substance abuse but other contributing factors that can adversely affect an individual’s life. It takes a village to save and improve lives. As a drug testing lab and collection provider, our role is but one piece of the treatment puzzle. But as a company made up of people who truly care about making a difference, we will be more. We will do more. Phoenix Diagnostic Labs will contribute to prevention, treatment, and recovery by getting involved in the community to support causes, events, organizations and other initiatives that provide the resources people need to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. We will work to help reinforce not only healthier individuals but healthier families as the building block of a healthier community. We will not only react but will also be proactive to advance prevention initiatives such as education that mitigates the future harm drugs will have on our society and reduces harmful stigma. In these and other ways, we dedicate ourselves to service. In that spirit, we pledge to use at least 10% of our yearly pre-tax profits to help foster the unprecedented level of collaboration, resources and effort needed from healthcare providers, businesses, individuals, families and communities to help the tens of millions of people currently suffering from addiction.

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